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Great for vegans and non-vegans alike! Sea Moss is powerful with incredible healing capabilities.

Natural Ingredients

Certified Wildcrafted

Organic Ingredients and Wildcrafted Sea Moss, Sourced from the Pristine Waters of St. Lucia

100% Palm Oil Free

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What's So Good 

About Sea Moss?

What Does 

Sea Moss Do?

Skin & Beauty:

The minerals and vitamins in sea moss can promote healthy skin, potentially improving elasticity and hydration.

Bone & Joint Health: 

With a rich calcium content, sea moss may help in maintaining strong bones and joint health.

Immune Health:

Sea moss is known for its high vitamin C and amino acid content, which can help bolster the immune system.

Circulatory Health: 

The natural compounds in sea moss may support better circulation and contribute to overall cardiovascular health.

Gut Health & Digestion:

Sea moss contains fibers that serve as prebiotics to improve gut health and aid digestion.

Cleanse & Detox:

Its high iodine content may help to regulate thyroid function, which in turn can assist in detoxifying the body.

Brain & Mental

Sea moss is rich in essential minerals that can nourish the brain, potentially enhancing mental clarity and concentration.

Weight Management: 

Sea Moss, not only helps regulate metabolism but also acts as an appetite suppressant. This combination can be effective in managing weight by boosting metabolic rate and reducing the urge to overeat.

Boost Energy

Sea moss provides a natural energy boost due to its iron content, which is crucial for energy production in the body.

Women's Health:

Sea moss can support hormonal balance due to its rich nutrient profile, which is essential for women’s health concerns.

Men's Health:

Minerals in sea moss, like zinc, play a vital role in supporting reproductive health and overall vitality in men.

Optimal Health: 

The broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals found in sea moss supports general health and wellness.


100% WildCrafted from the clean waters of St. Lucia

Simple Ingredients - Sea Moss, Water, & Lime

Gets rid of disease-causing mucus from your body.

Perfect for everyday use - on foods and beverages.

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  • Nature's Secret Superfood

Wildcrafted St. Lucian Sea Moss: Sourced from pristine St. Lucian waters, our sea moss is completely natural, ensuring you get the best of what nature offers.

Distilled Water for Purity: We use distilled water to maintain the integrity and purity of the sea moss, guaranteeing a top-quality product.

A Touch of Lime: A hint of lime not only enhances the freshness but also adds a subtle zest, making it a perfect addition to any recipe.

Absolutely Unflavored: Experience the benefits without altering the taste of your favorite foods. It's unflavored, ensuring it blends seamlessly into your diet.

No Fishy Taste: Enjoy the goodness of the sea without the fishy aftertaste. Our sea moss gel is pleasantly bland, perfect for the sensitive palate.

Health Powerhouse

For Everyone: Great for people following any diet - vegan, keto, or gluten-free.

Long-lasting: Our sea moss gel is designed to stay fresh, ensuring you get the most out of every jar.

How Do 

You Use It?

Eat It.

Sea moss gel can be eaten directly out of the jar, providing a straightforward way to add it to your diet. Additionally, sea moss is available in capsule form, which is a convenient option for those looking to include it as a dietary supplement.

Mix It.

Sea moss can be mixed into various recipes as a thickening agent. It works well in sauces, desserts, and drinks, giving them a smoother, thicker consistency without altering the flavor.

Apply It.

We offer sea moss in various forms for skincare, including unflavored gel that can be applied directly to the skin. Additionally, our range includes lotions, bar soaps, and body washes infused with sea moss. These products are especially beneficial for skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis, aiding in skin health and providing soothing relief.


with Kevin Harrington

Unlock the many benefits of Sea Moss

Original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, sheds light on the importance of adding Essential Sea Moss to your daily routine.


with Kevin Harrington

Unlock the many benefits of Sea Moss

Original Shark from 'Shark Tank', Kevin Harrington, sheds light on the importance of adding Essential Sea Moss to your daily routine.

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