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Sea Moss Gel

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Sea moss is a seaweed harvested from the clean and clear Caribbean ocean. It's a natural healer and incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals that the body craves. Enjoy feeling energized, happy, and healthy when including this in your favorite drink, dish, or desert.

Our Sea Moss gel is always made fresh to order in small batches to ensure freshness. It is rinsed and soaked utilizing alkaline water and limes. This process guarantees you the highest quality product.


Customer Reviews

Based on 316 reviews
Lenora Armstrong
Sea moss

I think this is going to be my go too product. I have tried many for my health issues. I have MS, Diabetes, Crohns to name a few. I've only start using sea moss for a month now but my energy level is better.

Lucrecia Renion

Love this with a scoop of raw honey 👌

Kelly Hutchins
Loving this product!!

Amazing I can really tell the difference in my energy levels & I’ve been having mucus issues with my allergies & asthma it has really helped! I will definitely continue to use this daily.

Loving it!

I just recently started taking sea moss gel after hearing about the benefits. Also Shipping was fast and easy!

Anniesia Williams
Great product

I put It in my smoothie or eat in raw. I put this bad boy on my face as a mask (I love sea moss) definitely a must have staple.