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Fruit Infused Sea Moss Gel

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Who said that healthy couldn't be delicious too? Mouthwatering flavored sea moss that you can eat right out of the jar! 

Our Fruit Sea Moss Gels not only pack 92 minerals but also loads of vitamins from the fruits infused with it. 

Try it out today!

Customer Reviews

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So delicious!

I have tried sea moss before and had no idea it could taste this good! I feel like i have been missing an entire experience. I ordered the 8oz strawberry from this company and i was floored when i tasted it. The next day, i got back online and ordered 16oz of strawberry banana and blueberry pineapple. Im trying all of the flavors now! Now that I have found a company that i love the quality, taste, and fast delivery I will finally be consistent with my sea moss health journey.

Jacqueline Winfrey


Great taste

I really liked the taste and texture of the sea moss gel. I just wish shipping was less.

Laken Rice
More energy and I’m hungry

So after taking this for a little over a month I’m ready to write a review. I have so much more energy waking up before my alarm and feeling good and ready to do my days(seriously so new for me) I’ve always been nauseous and just couldn’t eat food. I knew I needed to eat when I was about to black out. After a just three days of taking this I felt hungry! It was the most amazing feeling ever ever felt seriously. My whole family got sick and I was taking this and started having my two year old niece take it with me (smaller portion like 1/2 tsp) and she and I did not get sick my sister in law started taking it and started feeling good that night.


Wow! I was truly surprised by the great taste of the fruit infused sea moss gel. I have tried strawberry and mango so far. The strawberry tastes similar to a no-sugar added strawberry jam. The mango tastes like a ripened mango and both have a consistency similar to a gelled applesauce. The fruit infused gel is 100 times better in taste than the unflavored. I originally tried the unflavored and it tasted like something that came directly out of the ocean, but not like ocean water, and not in a good way (sorry!). It was hard to choke down (and I tried mixing it with all sorts of things) and I probably managed to consume about half of the jar. I almost didn’t give the sea moss gel another try. Well, I’m glad I did with the fruit infused gels! So much better and very refreshing in taste. 10 days in and I take 1 tbsp in the morning and at night and surprisingly, have noticed a crazy benefit that I wasn’t at all expecting. The pain from my severe arthritis has calmed significantly. I wear a special brace all day, and the only thing I’ve done differently is to start supplementing with this sea moss gel. I really only bought this to take instead of a vitamin, but this is wonderful! I’m making my kids take 1 tbsp per day now instead of giving them a vitamin. Highly recommend!