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Sea Moss Gel

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Sea moss is a seaweed harvested from the clean and clear Caribbean ocean. It's a natural healer and incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals that the body craves. Enjoy feeling energized, happy, and healthy when including this in your favorite drink, dish, or dessert.

Our Sea Moss gel is always made fresh to order in small batches to ensure freshness. It is rinsed and soaked utilizing alkaline water and limes. This process guarantees you the highest quality product.


Customer Reviews

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Sea Moss Gel

I love it.


We have been using sea moss for about four months and have loved it so far! We add it to our morning shake and it’s a great addition. We have young children who are often sick when school and preschool start up again, and we have honestly noticed a huge difference in our ability to fight illness, but especially in the reduced intensity of runny noses and reduce length of sickness. We will definitely continue using sea moss, especially this time of year!

This might be long but...

I have to share this!!! My Grandmother was not a believer in sea moss. She is 94 years old and only had trust in doctors. She had so many things wrong with her. Her bp was high for years; she struggled to have a bowel movement daily (4 days). I told her to take sea moss for months; she would, but she was never consistent. It wasn't until she was having kidney issues and heart complications and the doctors telling her she would have to be on dialysis that she decided to take me seriously. Let me tell you guys...I came to her house to get some food (lol), and she told me she had put the food away in the fridge. I thought nothing of it until I tried to take the container out of the refrigerator. IT WAS HEAVY!! Now, this is a woman who had to use a walker and the walls to help her get around the house. To my surprise, she did it by herself. I then asked her was she had been taking the sea moss, and she said, "I will never go a day without it ."She told me she is now off ALL her medication. She does not have kidney issues anymore; she has a hole in her leg that is closing up. She had that for a whole year, and since she's been taking the sea moss, it is now covering up. She has bowel movements daily. Her doctor said she needs to stop her BP medication because her blood pressure levels are normal. She has been on BP meds for years, and something like sea moss has healed it within a few weeks. WHATTTT??!!! Lol, She said she no longer needs her cane/walker/walls to help her get around places. She's able to walk without and with any pain. All that arthritis pain is no more! The part that shocked me the most was the cough (excess mucus) was completely gone. She couldn't even complete a sentence without barking like a dog. I feel like sea moss has extended her life. I am truly grateful! For those reading with chronic issues like my grandma. No need to stop your medication unless your doctor says but definitely start adding sea moss to your daily routine.

Love it!!

Definitely gives me energy and increased libido ❤️

Morgan Patterson
10/10 Highly Recommend!

Felt amazing after three days of taking the Sea Moss gel! My skin looked better, huge increase in energy and mood, this will be a new staple in my life. Love!