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Sea Moss Capsules

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At Essential Sea moss we only use the best of the best ingredients and keep everything 100% natural and organic with zero additives, just the way nature intended.

Sea Moss (Irish Moss) contains 92 out of the 102 minerals that make up our entire body. Each time we place something into our mouths as food, our body breaks it down in desperate search of these 102 minerals as we need all of them for nutrition, healing, bodily function and maintenance. Unfortunately the typical dish (excluding fast food) contains less than 10 minerals which is why over time many of us may suffer from health problems and mineral deficiencies as our bodies can not find the minerals they need to function correctly. Sea Moss is our organic Multi-Vitamin from nature.


Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
rosa parra
Easy to take

It’s only been a few days of taking it but can’t wait to notice a change

Janine Russell
Sea Moss is Amazing

I truly love Sea Moss and will be ordering again soon

Adam Jr
Capsules Verses Gel, Powder, Etc....!!

I think that they are very beneficial and you don't have to measure the daily amount that is recommended that you take everyday.

Catrice Pierce

Sea Moss Capsules

Andrea Noble

I love product